Make Your Summer Count: Costa Rican Vacation

If you are looking for the best paradise in the world today, nothing else will make it to the number one other than the humble yet magnificent place of the country of Costa Rica.

Let's dive in to the world of Costa Rican vacation.

The first thing that you should see in a week in Costa Rica is the pride of this country. Make sure you get in two locations. Don't just go to the beach for a week, before you go anywhere. Just go and visit the volcano and rainforest area, maybe two or three nights before relaxing on the beach. The Arenal Volcano area offers exciting scenery, active volcanoes, amazing tours, whitewater rafting, zip lining, hot springs - you can't miss out. So make sure you go there, and then head to the beach and take it easy for the rest of the vacation. Don't worry there are a lot of vacation rentals in Tamarindo Costa Rica. They are accessible to any major tourist spot.

You might be asking why you can't visit the volcano from the beach in one day. It's too far away, that's the simple matter. You don't want to be spending three to four to five hours in a one way trip to the volcano just do the same thing when you get back. The volcano has far too much to see and do. So don't miss out make sure you stay there for a few days. You don't want to go to the volcano just to relax in the hot springs for maybe one hour and see the volcano. Stay there and enjoy some of the tours, it's the adventure capital of Costa Rica. And the local town at the volcano is La Fortuna. It is a fantastic cultural experience which you won't find at the beach and it really adds to that vacation rental tamarindo.

And considering the Green Season, one may think that it is a bad time to travel when it's raining all the time. It actually doesn't matter. It'll only rain in the afternoons and some parts of the country more than others. If you want that nice beach getaway in the middle of the year, make sure to go to the northwest of the country. Costa Rica's Guanacaste Coast offers fantastic dry sunny weather in the high 90's all year round. However, there are some big advantages in travelling in the green season. The wildlife is fantastic. You won't have seen anything like it anywhere else in the world. You're going to have fantastic lush rainforest. Wildlife is going to be everywhere. The other advantage is fewer tourists when it rains. You also get cheaper hotel rates. And the inside tip is traveling in what we call in Costa Rica, the Veranillio de San Juan, which is San Juan's summer. It's when the rain clouds disappear in the afternoons, you get lovely warm weather all day.

Enjoy your vacation rentals in tamarindo costa rica!